You’re thinking about studying psychology in Paris, but your French level is not that great? Here is a list of 3 universities where you can study psychology in English in Paris, at an undergraduate or a postgraduate level.

study psychology in paris in english

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Bachelor of Arts in psychology (The American University of Paris)

This bachelor’s goal is to teach students how to formalize the study of human behavior and mental processes into a scientific study and to explore psychology’s historical underpinnings, as well as the influence of culture and social context.

Admission requirements

Admission is open to everyone. To be considered, students have to apply online and provide personal statements, history of extracurricular activities and work experience, two letters of recommendation, official transcripts and results to an English language test as all courses are taught in English.

French proficiency

Speaking French is not required to be admitted into this program.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the American University of Paris amount to €33,036 per year in 2020/2021.

Objectives and employment opportunities

The bachelor aims to provide students with access to interdisciplinary perspectives, intercultural field experience, and resources from French and European scientific institutions, laboratories, and archives.

You can choose 2 majors, Psychology or Gender, Sexuality, and Society, and 2 Minors: Gender Studies or Psychology. Classes are comprised of core courses and electives. Core courses include Intro To Psychology; Research Methods In Psychology, Psychoanalytic Theories Of Personality or Personality & Individual Differences.

This course is only offered at an undergraduate level, so to become a practicing psychologist, students must prepare to pursue a degree at the Masters or Doctorate level.

study psychology in paris in english

The American University of Paris

Study psychology in Paris at a postgraduate level and in English

Master in Economics and Psychology (Université Panthéon-Sorbonne)

This master aims to offer bi-disciplinary training with a research focus on psychology and economics. Students with a background in psychology will be enrolled in the “Psy track” and will receive complimentary training in Economics.

Admission requirements

This degree is a 2-year program (master). To be admitted into this master, you have to have an undergraduate degree in Economics, Psychology, or Applied Maths. Admission decisions are based on:  

  • Transcripts of the previous 3 years of study (they don’t have to be translated in French)
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Recommendation letter

All courses are taught in English, but there’s no minimum required score for English proficiency tests, the university only recommends students to have an English level that corresponds roughly to a C1 level or higher.

Successful accomplishment of the first year provides access directly to the second year. Candidates can also be directly admitted in the second year if they already have four years of higher education and adequate bi-disciplinary training in economics and psychology.
Students of the master come from several countries and have various academic backgrounds.

French proficiency

Even if this is a course taught entirely in English, students are expected to know some French and be fluent in French after their studies. Having the DELF/DALF or TCF certificate at B2 level in French is recommended, but not required.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for Panthéon-Sorbonne university amount to 334€ per year in 2020/2021 (French national tuition fees)

Objectives and employment opportunities

The goal of the master is to train students for research and consultancy activities in business and territorial entities (governmental and non-governmental). The objective of this diploma is not only to train students to conduct research but also to develop consultancy skills through interdisciplinary research. Thus, becoming a researcher in psychology and economics is not the only possible job opportunity. Numerous professional activities valuing interdisciplinary skills can be envisioned, such as consulting activities in public or private organizations, human resource management, customer services, marketing, advertising, qualitative and quantitative studies, strategic development and policy analysis, etc., in both national and international contexts.

Master in psychology & cognitive sciences (Paris Sciences Lettres Université)​

Admission requirements

This degree is a 2-year program (master). Admission is open to students who have an undergraduate degree in psychology, biology, linguistics, philosophy, social sciences, mathematics, computer science. It is also open to medical students and engineering students from the grandes écoles. Students with other undergraduate degrees can also be admitted but on a case-by-case basis.

The selection process is based on an online application and an in-person interview, plus a research project for M2 candidates: 

  • CV
  • Transcripts from your undergraduate degree
  • Previous diplomas (translated in French for diplomas in languages other than French and English)
  • Motivation letter
  • Recommendation letter(s) from previous teachers or internship tutors.

This is a very selective program, as there are only 35 spots available in the first year of the master, and 48 in the second year.

French proficiency

Even if this is a course primarily taught in English, students are expected to have at least a basic level of French.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for PSL University amount to 334€ per year in 2020/2021 (French national tuition fees)

Objectives and employment opportunities

Each student with the help of its tutor builds up an individualized course, structured around a major, and optionally one or more minors. The majors correspond to the major fields of cognitive science and can be chosen according to the project and skills of each student.

Possible majors are :

  • Psychology
  •  Philosophy
  • Social Sciences
  • Linguistics
  • Neuroscience
  • Modeling

The Master of Cognitive Sciences is above all a research training course, which prepares students to enter the PhD program, but also offers many other opportunities. Its high standards of teaching and its international research base give students the opportunity to take up a position in academic or industrial, public or private research in a wide variety of institutions and companies.

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